Saturday, 9 July 2011

All That Glitters... Gold! Or black. I bought some glitters from Hobbycraft (5 tubes for £3.79 yay!) I also got some plastic containers to store them in. (75p each AND they're 3 for 2. Proper bargain.) HERE THEY ARE - 

Oooh sparkly!

An this is the look I did using the black one - 

Colours - 
- Barry M - 301 Block Orange
- Barry M - 47 Black

- Firstly the everpresent 2 Base Coats
- Then Two coats of the orange
- Spray of quick dry and wait till the nails are pretty dry
- I then painted a triangle of black on the tip - 

- I then poured the black glitter over the nail.
  (I had my finger over a piece of paper which I folded in half to make it easier         to pour the glitter back in the tube)
- Next I tapped my nail on the paper to get rid of the excess glitter - 

- I also used one of the fanned brushes to lightly sweep over my nail to catch any left overs. (As you can see I did a really good job of this......!)
- Top coat to finish.

Expect a lot of glitter in the future!

Hope you like guys....
Have fun :)

WN x 

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