Thursday, 21 July 2011


I bought yet more Barry M recently. I know. Surprise. And I wanted to try out both colours but I'm far too impatient to do them separately. So here they are together - 

Nice. This kind of thing is super easy. Really if I can do it.......

So, colours Barry M - 312 Indigo
                           - 302 Fushia

- Basecoats!
- Next, using scotch tape, tape off your nail wherever you want your colours to meet - 

- Scotch tape is really best for this as, if your careful with it, it won't pull of your basecoats when you remove it!
- Then, paint two coats of your colour on the bottom half of the nail.
- Spray of quick dry before you remove the tape so as the keep the line nice and sharp -

- Then carefully paint two coats of the second colour on the top of the nail. 
- Top coat and done!

It really is easy to do, and I think it makes a fun change to the classic manicure shape.

Hope you enjoy kids,
Tatty bye :)

WN x

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