Thursday, 21 July 2011

Classic Mani - Avon Style

Speaking of a classic manicure, my Avon order came the other day and one of things I ordered is a French Manicure set. It comes with a white and a nude and tip stickers aswell. Like so - 

And this is the result - 

I think the colours and the formulas are perfect for the classic manicured look.
It's pretty easy to do and as you get all the bits you need in the kit it's great value for money.

- So first off the usual basecoats
- Then apply the tips to the nail wherever you want - 

- Next two coats of white over the tip of the nail
- Once dry remove the tip so as the keep the line nice and sharp- 

- Two coats of the nude colour over the whole nail
- Top coat
- Done :)

I think, as much as I love nail art and experimenting with colours and patterns, you can't beat a good manicure! And I really like this kit. It's a great price and the polishes are full size. And for about £6 (I think!) proper bargain.

Definitely recommended!

Till the next one....

WN x

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