Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shooting Stars

I thought I'd have a go with my new rhinestones and here are the results - 

The colours I used were Barry M 292 Navy and 264 Pink Iridescent. 
So - Two base coats to start
- Then two coats of navy.
- I then used one of my new ebay brushes to paint three stripes coming from the same point in the top left corner of my nail.
- I used the Pink Iridescent as it's very subtle and I wanted the rhinestone to be the star of the show! (See what I did there?!)
- Next I put a dot of clear varnish at the point where the three Pink lines meet to hold the rhinestone.
- I used a pointed orangewood stick to pick up the star shaped rhinestone using a tiny bit of clear varnish on the end of the stick.
-Then, I placed the star on the nail.
- Top coat and Done!!

Apologies for the green stars but these are the only colour stars I got! Now, this is my first proper attempt at anything like this, but I think I did pretty well.......!
I did love getting creative and I have plenty more ideas swimming around so I'll definatley be doing a few more blogs along these lines :)

Till the next one...

WN x

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