Friday, 1 July 2011

Spice Rack Storage

What storage? So I went to Ikea a couple of days ago and came across these marvellous pieces of wooden magic, which have turned out to be PERFECT for varnish storage - 

They're called Bekvam and are £2.99 each. Absolute bargain.

I don't know how many of you will actually find this post useful, but I just thought I'd share , as I wish somebody had told me about them months ago!!

And before anyone asks, no I am not sponsored by Barry M!


WN x


  1. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Are they just deep enough to fit a polish on or would you be able to fit bigger items on them too?
    I'm buying at least one regardless!

  2. Hi I'm glad you like! No, they are about 9cm deep. Plenty of room for other bits and bobs! WN x

  3. Amazing. Thanks for the info. I'm going on Tuesday but I wasn't planning on buying anything. Now I have this to look forward to! Yay!