Wednesday, 29 June 2011

That's A Wrap! - Polka Dots

Firstly, Oh. My. God. These things are amazing. For this look I used the 'NailEase Nail Art Strips', which come like thiiiiis - 

And the finished look - 

So, the how to.....

- Firstly its important to buff your nails completely smooth, so the stickers have a flat surface to stick to.
- I used this thing, which I've had for years. Got no idea where it came from (I think it was Avon, but don't quote me on that!) 
This is it - 

It's sides are numbered 1-4, and all you do is rub each side over the surface of your nail (in number order, obviously), and this is how shiny and smooth they make my nails - 


- So, next up, the sticker goes straight onto the nail.
- Smooth the sticker flat against the nail from the cuticle up to the tip of the nail, ensuring there's no creasing or bubbles. (They can be removed GENTLY, if you go wrong, which I did a bit!).
- Fold the sticker over the edge of the nail once it's nice and flat.
- File the edge of the nail in a downwards motion to get rid of the excess.

Properly easy. And even if I do say so myself, they look great!

Now, they took me about 20/25mins to do, but it was my first time and once i'd got my left hand done and dusted, it didn't take me half as long to do the right. There even easy to do left handed, and anyone who's read my previous blog, will know how good I am at left handed nail art!

Another great thing about these is that you get two sets of the stickers (for about £5.50 from Boots). Great! If you go a bit wrong, you've got a back up and if, like me, you just fall in love with them,'ve got two sets of stickers.

Just to re-iterate, I LOVE THESE.

Till next time.......

WN x

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