Sunday, 7 August 2011

All Kinds Of Sorts.

Another fabulous purchase from!
I got some fimo slices which (apparently!) look like liquorice all-sorts which look like so- 

And here is was I did with them - 

So Just one colour for this! I know, weird. This one is Barry M 284 Emerald Green.

- Obviously to begin - two basecoats.
- I then taped off my nails using scotch tape, where I wanted the green the end - 

- Next Two coats of the Emerald.
- Spray of quick dry to keep that line nice and sharp - 

- I then painted a small amount of clear varnish over the end of the nail where I was going to put the fimo slice
- Then, using tweezers, I carefully placed the slice on the edge of my nail and pressed it down - 

- Top coat to finish.

I love these fimo slices and, as I'm sure you're all fully aware, the come in all kinds of designs and colours! So there's a million and one designs you can do with them.
I found them super easy to work with even as a fimo first timer!

I think I'm gonna go shop around for some more....

See y'all soon :)

WN x

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