Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Inspiration : Joules

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the clothing shop Joules. It's so fabulous. Kind of like country/equine wear! Anyway, last winter I bought the most beautiful navy blue duffle coat, and kept the tag, just cos I liked the pattern on it (I have a pin board full!) - 

Snazzy! So I saw it swinging away on my pin board and thought 'I know, I'll do THAT on my nails!'. So I put it on my nails - 

Equally as snazzy.
So kids the colours I used for this look - 
- Barry M 134 Yellow
- Barry M 66 Matt White
- Barry M 291 Cobalt Blue
- Barry M 273 Raspberry

I also used some striping tape to create the yellow line, but we'll come to that later!

- So as usual, two basecoats to start
- Next, two coats of the yellow
- Spray of quick dry 
- You want to make sure the varnish is pretty much dry before you apply the tape, as when you remove it, it may take some of the varnish with it if it's still wet!
- Next, I applied some of the striping tape in a diagonal pattern across my nail - 

- Then, I painted a layer of the white over my whole nail - 

- I then painted two coats of the blue down the middle section of the nail, inbetween the lines of tape - 

- Next, I finished off the pattern with two coats of the red on the outside sections - 

- Spray of quick dry
- You want the nails to dry before you remove the striping tape, as this will make sure the lines stay sharp. (As you can see from my attempt, I was impatient!)
- Remove the striping tape, and top coat to end.

This look took quite a long time to do, but I think really cool and a great effect!
I don't think it's too bad for my first go......
I do tend to just have an idea and go with it, and it doesn't always work, but I'll share it anyway!
And you see, you can get inspiration from anywhere :)

Enjoy yourselves!

WN x

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