Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ooooh, Poisonous

So last week, my sister and I went to see Batman live. Firstly OMG. If you like batman, seriously, go. Now. Also, we went dressed up. Obviously. 
I went as Poison Ivy and naturally, I painted my nails to match. And here they are - 

I'd just like to say, I love these. 

So the colours are both Barry M 262 Bright Red and the aptly named 300 Acid Yellow. I thought it was quite a good name for this look!

- Firstly two basecoats
- I then put a manicure strip on the bottom of my nails like so - 

- Next, I painted three coats of the yellow below the strip. I needed three coats to make the colour nice and opaque.
- Spray of quick dry to keep the line sharp - 

- Then, two coats of the red from the yellow up to the tip of the nails.
- Top coat to finish

Super easy and I properly like the effect! And I think the colour combination is so fabulous :)

Enjoy guys, and have fun!