Thursday, 18 August 2011

Watch It Glitter!

So, unintentionally, this look has kind of come out a bit Christmassy! Never the less, I still love it and I think it looks fabulous. Here they are -  


Anyway, only one polish for this look Barry M 288 Silver.

- So I started, as always, with two basecoats.
- Then three coats of silver - 

- This polish needs three coats to make it this opaque.
- Spray of quick dry.
-You want the nails to be dry before you pour over your glitter as if they are still wet, glitter will stick where you don't want it!
- Next I painted clear varnish across the tip of the nail
- Over a folded piece of paper, which has been laid out flat, pour the glitter over the tip of the nail - 

- I used my 'Hobbycraft' glitters, and a fanned brush to get the excess from my finger.
- As the paper already had the crease in it from the fold, I could just fold the paper back in half and pour the excess back into the tube.
- Top coat to finish

A bit more festive than I had in mind! I do think the effect is great though. I would probably only do one colour, if I was going somewhere, like an event or party, to keep it sophisticated.

I do love a bit of sparkle all year round!

Tata kids and Enjoy! :)

WN x

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