Friday, 19 August 2011

Pick Your Own

I know, practically EVERY blog out there has their own example of this look, so I thought why the hell not?!?!
I don't know if you may have guessed from the title, but today's look is the famous Strawberry.
Congratulations if you did guess it by the way.
So here is my take on the Strawberry nail - 


Three colours for this, all Barry .
- 262 Bright Red
- 290 Spring Green
- 66 Matt White

I also used a dotting tool for, well, the dots. Obvs.

- Two basecoats to begin
- Then two coats of the red
- Spray of quick dry - 

- I then painted two coats of the green diagonally over each corner of my nail - 

- Next, using the dotting tool, I added the white dots
- Top coat to end.

I really like this look (any variation of it!). And I think it's just so fun especially for summer when you actually can pick your own.

This is me trying to extend the summer for as long as I can! 

Enjoy kids. Also if you have your own version of this look I'd love to see it, so feel free to tweet me a picture! - @WellNailed

Bye for now

WN x

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