Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cherry Pop

Last month I got three Color Trend Nail Varnishes from Avon. I've already used the other two so I thought, might as well use the last one in a post for you guys! So here's what I did - 

The colours I used are Avon Color Trend in Cherry Choc (hence the cherry design!!) Barry M 66 Matt White and 290 Spring Green

- So basecoats to begin
- Then two coats of the glorious white - 

- Then using a large-ish dotting tool I added red dots for the cherries - 

- Then using a finer dotting tool as a pen I drew on the green for the stalks.
- Top coat to end.

And don't forget, you can use and pointy object to do your dots and lines! Like, a hair grip or toothpick etc...

A fun look I think, and easy too!


WN x

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