Monday, 31 October 2011

I got a stamping kit!

£2.50 off eBay! Bargain! So I thought it would be the perfect time to trial my new polish which I received in my October Glossybox. If you aren't aware of the Glossybox concept, check out their website at! They're just so amazing and brilliant value! So the polish I got is by Leighton Denny and is called 'Sex Kitten'! Check it out - 

I think it's the most beautiful winter colour, fresh and frosty!

Here's the stamping addition - 

I found the stamping a bit difficult to start with, but after a couple of goes, it was so easy!

I used Boots No 7 Totally Teal for the stamping colour.

I think stamping gives such a great effect and is a lot quicker than hand painted nail art. I definitely recommend giving it a go, especially when you can try it for so cheap!

See you next time :)

WN x

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