Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Welcome to Autumn

So I thought I should finally give in accept the fact that it is actually Autumn! So here are some Autumn inspired nails - 

I think we can all see where the inspirations from the colours came from!!
They're all Barry M 1A Red Red Wine, 129 Chocolate Brown, 301 Block orange and 134 Yellow.

To get the effect I used a fanned nail art brush from my ebay set, and just used small strokes going sideways across the nail. 
This look is super easy once you get on a roll and actually takes no time at all!

- Basecoats to begin
- Then I added the red first - 

- As you can see, I made an almighty mess doing this look! But, as always, super easy to clean up at the end with a cotton bud and a spot of nail varnish remover.
- The brown next - 

- Then I added the yellow at the other end of the nail - 

- And finally the orange. 
- Top coat and then a quick clean up.

Hope you like!

Until Friday.........;)

WN x

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