Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review : NARS

I spend 90% of my time on the internet shopping for nail varnish and last week sometime I was browsing NARS. I think it's a really good idea to google swatches of colours that you like, as a lot of websites (including NARS' unfortunately) have pretty inaccurate swatches! 
During my google-athon, I came across one colour that just blew me away when I saw it! It's called Kismet. And here it is! - 

I LOVE NARS packaging! It looks so expensive. (Which to be fair it kind of is!) I think the fact that it comes in a box is just that extra little touch that makes high end polishes like this one a bit more special. It's like unwrapping a little present to yourself! I really like the matte rubber-ish lid too. If you like it in the bottle just wait...... - 

Such a beautiful yellow-gold. This is with three coats on, and it just glides onto the nail. I don't think I've ever smiled whilst applying a polish before, but this had me grinning! I think it can either look real festive at this time of year, or super summery. I think NARS have actually bottled sunshine here. 

This was £13.50 from Harvey Nichols.

As you can probably tell, I reckon this is the best 'first impression' polish I could have purchased! 


See you Friday :)

WN x


  1. I got hold of Nars Orgasm nail polish in Vegas - it's a peachy colour with gold shimmer and is absolutely stunning!!! I didn't realise HN sold them - must check that out! :)

  2. I've seen that! It looks beautiful! Unfortunately, I can only afford one at a time!
    I was super excited when I saw them in HN, I just like getting the posh carrier bags :) x

  3. Yeah I know, that's where Barry M is kinder to our pockets. Please can you tell me where you buy China Glaze online? I've managed to get it in my local Sally store but not seen any online yet. Thanks, Carol