Monday, 28 November 2011

Artistry : Lichtenstein

What better place to find inspiration for nail art than an actual artist. My first, and original love! One of my all time favourite artists is Roy Lichtenstein. Here is an example of his work if you're unfamiliar - 

I just think that there is so much going on in his work, every time you look at a piece you see something different. Interesting patterns and texture and the odd splash of colour (depending on the series). I ramble....

Anyway! Here are some nails - 

I like these more, the more I look at them! A bit like Lichtenstein's work, so in a way I've done a good job :)

The colours are all Barry M 47 Black, 66 Matt White and 134 Yellow. I also used some black striping tape for my middle finger.

- So, basecoats to start
- Then two coats of the white, and three coats of the yellow on my ring finger for the base colours
- To do the patterns, I used a dotting tool on my index and ring fingers and a small nail art brush on my thumb and pinky. And just added the striping tape to the middle finger using tweezers (and patience!)
- Top coat to seal it all in place. You might want to double up on the top coat where you use striping tape and cap the end too, to stop it peeling off.

I must admit, this took me a while! But, I think that's probably because I didn't know what I was doing until I'd done it really. 

Hope you enjoy :)

See you next time!

WN x

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