Sunday, 15 January 2012

Award Season - Golden Globes

Every year I get more and more excited about award season! I mainly like the bit where E! judges everyone's outfits... ;)

English time, the Golden Globes were on at about 2am this morning! So I've recorded it all on Sky+ and I'm going to cosy up and watch it this afternoon.

So I thought I'd do some nails - 

I used NARS Kismet and Barry M 47 Black and 320 Gold Foil. I also used some of the stickers from my last post.

- Start of with the basecoats
- Then three coats of the glorious NARS.
- I then painted the gold foil round the edges to make the rough shape of the Globe trophy
- I also used the foil for the dots.
- Next I drew around the shape in the black using the dotting tool.
- Finally I added the stars and a top coat.

Did you watch the awards? I'm off to go put them on now :):)

Hope you like the look,

See you next time,

WN x

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