Monday, 27 February 2012

Review and Swatches : Orly Hot Shots

I got these beauties from Buyapowa. If you're not familiar with the concept, basically, the more people buy a certain product, the cheaper it gets. It's genius!

This set was £16 (with additional £1 delivery charge) down from £26.75. Bargain. It's one of Orly's Mani Mini's range. All the polishes are 5.4ml and there was an Orly Nail Defense Protein Enriched Strengthener included with the set which is a full size 18ml.

Here come some shots of the polishes - 

Colours from left to right - Hottie, Hook Up, Holla, Blue Collar.

Protein Enriched Strengthener

Such fabulous bright, spring colours to bring a smile to your face! Especially 'cos it's raining today :(


Hottie - A hot pink creme. I'm not sure if you can really tell in the photo's that it is kinda orange towards the tips of my nails?! Weird. I do really like this colour though. Two coats.

Hook Up 

Hook Up - A yellow shimmer. This one's a bit sheer, so took three coats. I LOVE the finish of this one.


Holla - Orange creme. Not super bright, a little bit on the red side. Makes me think of fire! Two coats.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar - Glorious turquoise creme. Just have nothing else to say! Two coats.

I used the nail strengthener as a base and top coat, and it's super nice. Quick drying and good formula. The colours have a great formula and settle on the nail really well. The finish is nice and smooth, no patchy-ness! 

Overall, I'd like to share that I like Orly. Very much!

Hope you enjoy!

See you next time,

WN x

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