Thursday, 2 February 2012


Bit of stamping for you today lovelies! 

Just looking through my new plates, and came across this design - 

Just the two colours for this one, Barry M 317 Blue Moon and 47 Black. I used the e.l.f Matte Finishing top coat and Bundle Monster stamping plate BM 225.

- Basecoats to begin with, obviously!
- Two coats of the blue next. I just used the two coats as I wanted to keep it quite sheer
- Next, just stamp the design on top with the black
- Matte top coat to finish!

Proper super duper easy. I wanted to use keep the blue quite sheer to mirror the foggy, frosty hideous weather we've been having recently :( And I think that the matte top coat just finished off that general creepy-ness nicely. 

I was not made for the cold!

I hope you enjoy these nails :)

I'll see you Friday with a colour I cannot wait to show you!!!!

WN x

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