Monday, 5 March 2012

Magic Mushies!

Before we begin, I've squared off my nails. Sort of. I usually have them rounded, and I'm not sure if I like the change, so feedback is greatly appreciated!


*in a squeaky, high voice* MARIO!

This is another one of those looks that I keep meaning to try, and I finally got round to it!

I used all BarryM colours for these, but to be honest they're all standard colours, so you'll be able to find dupes easily.
I used - 66 Matt White, 47 Black, 134 Yellow, 262 Bright Red, 290 Spring Green , 291 Cobalt Blue and 303 Bright Purple.

- Start off with your basecoats
- Then two coats of white
- Next I added the coloured tops of the mushrooms
- Using the end of a nail art brush, I added the spots
- And, to finish the design, I used a small dotting tool to add the lil' eyes in black
- Top coat to end.

A nice bit of colourful fun to brighten up your Monday :)

Hope you enjoy,

See you next time!

WN x


  1. AWww!! These are soo cute and neat!! I have to remember this one cuz one of my pre-teens is way into it!

  2. Thank you! I think they're alright for my first attempt :) x