Monday, 16 April 2012

Barry M Croc Nail Effects

Here's a bit of a review on Barry M's Croc Nail Effects polish. 

Obviously, the idea of this polish is to give a uniform mock-croc style pattern on the nails, as opposed to the random style of a crackle polish.

Here's what happened - 


I used Barry M 300 Acid Yellow and Avon Orange Creamsicle as my base colours.
This are the instructions from the Barry M website - 

"Apply a base colour, after a few minutes when the nail paint is still a bit tacky apply a coat of Croc Nail Effects. Watch the amazing effect appear in a few minutes. The effect takes a bit longer to appear than the crackle but it is worth it!"

As you can see, not really the desired effect! What I don't really understand, is why it worked so well on the Avon polish and not the Barry M one?!!! You would think being from the same brand n all.........

Anyway, I like the effect when it worked! And I must say, I got loads of compliments when wearing this :):)

Hope you enjoy!

See you soon

WN x

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  1. Now there's a "crackle" i can be down with! When it works like it is supposed to anyway.