Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review & Swatch : Max Factor Fantasy Fire

I may be 100 years behind, but I thought it was about time to jump on the 'Fantasy Fire' bandwagon. And after trying it I can officially say *prepare yourselves* I am OFF the wagon.


I don't know if I was just expecting too much following the hype, but I was really let down :(

Don't get me wrong, still a beautiful polish, but you see it in the bottle and expect something special, and well, it's just nice!

Anyway, enough negativity! Here are some piccies - 

Taken without flash 

With flash.

Can you see all the different colours in the bottle? And I have four coats on here. Definitely one for layering! Although, I must say that the polish glides on beautifully and dries super duper quickly. I took pictures from every angle you can think of, and they all come out the exact same. No depth of colour, no duo-chrome-ing.... :(:(


As for reviewing Max Factor.... Well as this is my first and only MF polish, I feel it's a bit mean to form an opinion of the whole brand after this! What do you think? Is it worth giving them a second chance?! 

Anyway, I hope this helps.........!

I'll see ya next time :)

WN x

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