Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review : LAQA & CO, Nail Polish Pen

I got a couple of things from Selfridges recently, and one of the things I ordered was a LAQA & CO Nail Polish Pen in Nookie. Obviously the name of the colour is the reason I bought it! Not really. 
I've never seen or even heard of LAQA & CO before, so I thought I'd give it a try :-)

Here are some pictures - 

Nookie is a magenta creme. Super pretty and glamorous especially in this glorious weather that I'm trying to take advantage of while it's here!!

So basically, the deal is, pump the polish in the end, and it comes out the brush. Then away you go, straight from the pen. EASY! The polish is super opaque and would've probably only needed one decent coat even though I did two out of habit really. I liked the brush, but I thought it was just a wee bit wide for me. I am picky over my brushes! The finish wasn't as smooth as a conventional polish, but that is sorted right out with a top coat.

Overall, I approve of this!

Check out the LAQA & CO range on their website HERE
LAQA & CO Nail Polsh Pen's cost £11, and I bought mine at

Hope you enjoy :-)

See you soon

WN x


  1. Wow... a polish pen! That's such a cool idea, is the application easier than a normal brush?

  2. It depends how big you like your brushes! I found it slightly more difficult but easy enough to get used to with a few more uses I think x