Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Swatches : Roses Ultimes De Chanel

Or 'Ultimate Pinks'! And well, yeah they pretty much are :-)
This collection from Chanel was released here in the U.K on 11th of May, and well, I bought them all :-/ But I did have points to spend so, really they ere a bargain.....

Anyway, here are some pictures -

From L-R - 543 Frisson; 545 Attraction; 549 Distraction; 541 Tentation

543 Frisson

543 Frisson - Super sheer pale pink with a gold shimmer. Three coats.

545 Attraction

545 Attraction - Silver-white metallic. Kinda reminds me of a Barry M foil. PRETTY!

549 Distraction

549 Distraction - Pinky-coral with a really REALLY subtle hot pink shimmer.

541 Tentation

541 Tentation - HOT pink pearl, outstanding pigmentation!

I generally love these polishes, as usual with Chanel! I think the colours all compliment each other beautifully and fit nicely into the 'ultimate pinks' title.
Yes they cost £17.50 each, but I deserved a treat! At least I think so anyway ;-)

Hope you enjoy and I'll see ya Friday!

WN x

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  1. Oooh tentation looks GORGEOUS, but £17.50 is sooo much to spend. Looking at this makes me want it though lol x :-)