Monday, 25 June 2012

Dotty for Illamasqua!

I'm baaaack! Bit of a stressful week kids, a lot going on and two whole reports for my business course which hurts my brain cells :-(

I bought some Illamasqua polishes to make me feel better!
They had free delivery over the weekend so I went for three. 'Cos I could ;-)

I wanted to put all three on my nails at once naturally, so here's what I did -  

I started of with two coats of 'Load', which is the cream, as a base. (I obviously bought this because I'm terribly immature and the name made me giggle!)
Next I added the blue, called 'Muse', and then the yellow dots. The yellow, 'Rare' is so luminous, it's actually ridiculous. I lurve it.

Illamasqua polishes are £13.50 each, and can be bought online here.

Hope you like, and you're having a good Monday!

See you soon,

WN x

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