Friday, 6 July 2012

Review : Barry M Chameleon Nail Effect

Yet more lovely new polished from Barry M!

These are called Chameleon Nail Effects, and basically when you apply clear polish/ top coat, they change colour like a chameleon. See what they did?

They come in three colours - 

From L-R - 330 Pink, 331 Blue and 332 Lilac

And here's some jazz that I did with them - 

I used Lilac on my thumb and little finger, Blue on the index and ring fingers and Pink in the middle.

Bit from - 

Magical Chameleon instant nail effects means you have two colours in one! Instructions: 1. Apply a basecoat and then apply one coat of your chameleon nail paint and allow to dry 2. Apply second coat and allow to dry 3. Create a design with your clear nail paint and watch it change colour

So, I like the concept of these polishes very much. The formula is lovely as always with Barry M (two coats standard!) and the colours are really nice metallics.

However, I must say, the drawback to these is that, obviously, if you add a top coat, the polish will change colour! So I'm not really sure about longevity with these manicures, but to be honest, I only wore this for a day so I can't really comment!!!

Chameleon Nail Effect's get an all round 'yes'!

They cost £3.99 each and I bought mine from Boots.

Hope you like,

Have a fabulous weekend and I'll see ya Monday :-)

WN x

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