Monday, 9 July 2012

Review : Marks & Spencer - Limited Collection

I have heard so so so many great things about the new Limited Collection cosmetics range from Marks & Spencers that when I found myself browsing last week, I just HAD to buy some polish :-) I was with my mum, so obvs it's her fault....

The colour I bought is Lilac, and it goes a little something like this - 

Lilac is a super pretty, well, lilac really with a gold shimmer running through. Lovely and build-able, I have two coats on here, but it's still a wee bit too sheer for me. I'm an opaque gurl ;-)

I really like this and I'm proper impressed, I must say!

Polishes come in 25 great shades and cost £3.50 each. Erm, bargain. Check 'em on the M+S website HERE!

Hope you enjoy,

See ya soon!

WN x

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