Sunday, 18 November 2012

OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun

The Man With The Golden Gun is part of the 13 shade OPI Skyfall collection. It is an 18k gold leaf top coat, the ultimate luxury. There are a few of these out at the moment, and yes they are expensive and decadent, but completely worth it!

The Man With The Golden Gun comes with the pretty hefty price tag of £29.99, HOWEVER, I think that it's more than made up for with the presentation of the polish and of course the polish itself.

The packaging is beautiful and in my opinion OPI have done a wondeful job making the polish feel as luxurious as it's supposed to. And the bottle itself is just so pretty. You know how magpies are attracted to shiny things?!

I have no swatches of The Man With The Golden Gun as yet, but be warned, it will be added to pretty much every swatch I do from now on...

My polish cost £19.45 (inc. delivery) as part of a co-buy from
You'll be able to find it at also, at full price.

Check out for more info on the Skyfall collection.

Hope you enjoy and I'll see you next time,

WN x

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