Monday, 24 June 2013

Paul & Joe Summer '13 - Beach Baby

Today, I am very excited to show you come swatches from the Paul & Joe collection 'Beach Baby' for Summer '13. There are 5 polishes in total, and I have three to show you today :)

I'm going to start at the end and work backwards, so I can save my favourite for last!

The packaging is one of the reasons I'm always drawn to Paul & Joe. Always so pretty :)

034 - Mauritius 

034 - Mauritius 

Polish number 034 'Mauritius' is described as baby pink with a subtle shimmer. I really liked this colour, which surprised me because I wouldn't normally, but I think the warmth of the pink undertones helped. Three coats.

033 - Bermuda

033 - Bermuda

Polish number 033 'Bermuda' is described as a refreshing rose pink. I've got to say, this polish is very nearly neon! I love this for summer, and would look fabulous on any skin tone. Two coats.

032 - Caribbean

032 - Caribbean

Polish number 032 'Caribbean' is a cool aquamarine, and I thinks it's so beautiful. There's a lot of variations of this colour around for summer, which I am very happy about :) This may be my holiday shade, as I think it will look brill with a tan! Two coats.

Another reason why I love P&J so much is because their polishes have the most beautiful scent. Floral and sweet, which makes a nice change to the usual polish stink!

I also enjoy that they have altered the packaging to include orange lids to keep in theme with the Summer vibe. It's little touches like that which can persuade me to spend a few more pennies. I'm such a sucker for packaging.

Paul & Joe nail polishes are £12.00 each and are available at, and they're Limited Edition, so get them while you can!!

WN x


  1. Caribbean is beautiful! I love P&J's polish packaging x

    1. Thank you :) I love it too, and they always look fabulous on my shelves! x