Friday, 21 June 2013

Maybelline Color Show, Polka Dots - Shooting Stars

Ever see a nail polish and think you may cry if you don't own it?!
Bit dramatic?!

During one of my recent visits to my mecca, or Boots as it's more formally known, I spotted the Color Show range by Maybelline. Initially I picked up this Polka Dots effect polish named Shooting Stars - 

Shooting Stars is a blue gel based polish packed with black and white matte hexagonal glitter.

I am wearing two coats in the pictures.

I'm a big fan of this polish! Not the easiest to work with I must admit, but worth it in the end I feel. They're also cheap enough that I'm not going to complain about having to work a little harder :)

Color Show polishes are £2.99 and are available in Boots stores.

WN x

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