Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Butter London - Slapper (with Minger)

Firstly I'd like to issue an apology! I own around 10 Butter London colours, yet I've never got round to swatching any of them! I know, bad blogger :-(

However, that is all changing right now. I've swatched Slapper, with a spotty Minger accent - 

Butter London Slapper (left) and Minger (right)

Slapper just the perfect teal creme, and Minger is a lovely darkened orange creme. 

I'm wearing two coats of Slapper.

I love Butter London as a brand. The thought that goes into the packaging and the quirky and fun names for the colours always make me smile.

The polishes themselves have a lovely formula, and I've yet to come across one I don't like.

Polishes from Butter London are £12 each and are available at

WN x

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