Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mavala - Trio Box, Nude

Anyone else feel the need to buy products that come with the word 'Exclusive'?!

As you may be aware, I'm a huge fan of, and last time I was there I spotted this little set by Mavala and it just so happens to be exclusive to Beauty Bay.... So obviously I needed it.

(I really must apologise for the mucky finger prints!!)

Vanilla - Ivory with a pearl finish - 

Three coats of Vanilla, and as you can see it's still not quite opaque.

Vanilla close up with flash.

Glacier - Rose pink creme - 

Two coats of Glacier.

Moon Grey - Shimmering grey - 

Two coats of Moon Grey.

Moon Grey close up with flash.

I really like this little set. I think there's a colour to suit everyone, although I wish the Vanilla shade was a bit more opaque. However it's still a lovely colour, and a perfect nude shade for me :) although I think the grey is my favourite.

Set costs £9.50 and is a exclusive!

WN x

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