Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WAH Look #8 - Japanese Bling

Everyone loves a bit of nail fun, and this look is all about that!
Japanese Bling showcases the fun and quirky side of nail art.
With rhinestones and bows, glitter and flowers, you can pretty much add what you want as long as it sparkles!

For these nails I used three Barry M glitters - Pink Silver, Pink Iridescent and Silver Multi-glitter.

I also used my white nail art pen and all the accessories are from ebay. As it says in the book, they're hard to find but quite in-expensive and fun :)

To be honest, I couldn't deal with this on my nails for even a day! I love adding rhinestones and studs to my mani, but this lot is a bit much for me. I did have a lot of fun doing them though, and I think they look great even if they'd do my head in!

WN x

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