Monday, 10 February 2014

Accessorize 'Illusion' Nail Polish - Pink Spice

When you suddenly have to make a decision between paying for delivery, or buying yourself something pretty and getting free delivery, what do you pick?! I always cave and buy myself something pretty :)

I was in this dilemma last week and bought myself this lovely pink sparkly number by Accessorize.

Swatches show two coats of polish with base and top coat. 

*With flash to show the colour shift*

Pink spice in a really dimensional colour, packed with glitter particles to give it that 3D look, hence the name 'Illusion'.

There is also a really great colour shift to a coppery orange shade when the light changes.

However, I will say that there was tip wear after only a day, even with a top coat, so this is probably a colour I'd wear to an occasion or when I know I only need a days wear out of it. Never the less, still a beautiful polish!

Accessorize nail polishes are £4 each and available at

WN x

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