Wednesday, 12 February 2014

China Glaze - Sea Goddess swatches!

*Press Samples*

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

Today, I am super excited to be able to share with you swatches of three of the shades from the new Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze.

The swatches all have two coats of colour with a base coat. I have then taken photo's with and without a top coat so you can see the difference in the finish.

Initially, these polishes dry to a textured almost sandy finish. (Which really fits the theme of the collection!) Once you add a top coat, they smooth out a bit but still feel slightly rough to the touch.

The first colour I have is Sand Dolla Make You Holla, a white polish packed with all different shades of glitter.

Without top coat - 

With top coat - 

I like this shade, it makes me think of the paradise of a white sandy beach as the sun shines :)

Next is Shell We Dance, a rosy pink polish with pink and silver glitter.

Without top coat - 

With top coat - 

Shell We Dance is a lovely sparkling pink. It reminds me of the colours of a coral reef or tropical fish!

Finally is Teal The Tide Turns which is a light minty green with green glitter.

Without top coat - 

With top coat - 

This one my favourite of the three! I just imagine mermaids when I look at this shade.

I found these nice and easy to apply, however they do dry fast so you have to work quite quickly. If you're like me and are still loving a textured polish, I think these are for you. They're quite thin, however I think two coats is enough as three would be too much on the nail and it would look a bit gross!

Check out the official Press Release for more info :)

WN x

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