Monday, 31 March 2014

Butter London - Thames

I'm back on this fine Monday with another Butter London polish to share.

When I posted Trustafarian, I said that I have so many BL polishes and have only swatched about three of them so I've decided to get them all swatched for you guys and I'll probably do one every week or so :-)

Today's BL polish is called Thames and is a gorgeous metallic aqua blue. Which is ironic to me as the Thames river is definitely not as beautiful a colour as this!

Swatches are two coats of colour with top and base coat.

I feel like this polish could have done with another coat. It looked ok on the nail but once I've checked out the photographs properly, another coat is justified. I think it would also look amazing with one thin coat layered over a dark shade to give it that transforming quality.

I do love this colour very much.

Butter London nail colours are £12, check out the range at

WN x

P.S - I apologise for my gross cuticles....!


  1. This is a gorgeous colour. I really like it :-) I don't have this BL *gasp*

    1. :-O It is a pretty one, I suppose it helps that this is my favourite colour too! I'm glad you like it :-) x