Friday, 30 May 2014

W7 - 84 Matt Green

Happy Friday everyone! 

Today I have a super quick swatch to share of yet another polish that I've had for the longest time and never used! I remember I bought this at Xtras in Meadowhall which is a huge shopping mall in Sheffield and it was (probably) about £2!

The colour is called Matte Green which confused me slightly as is quite iridescent in the bottle but it dried to a semi-matte almost satin finish which I thought was really nice and a bit different. 

I am wearing two coats of colour with a base coat and no top coat.

For saying this polish has been sat it my drawer for god know how long (it must be over a year) the consistency was perfect! I could have been brand new, I was very impressed :-)

I can't find Matt Green on anymore however, they have loads of great W7 stuff on there so are definitely worth a look!
Matt Green is available though at for £1.99.

Check out for their full range.

Have a fabulous weekend polish peeps!

Wn x


  1. What a pretty green. Not quite fully matte, but still stunning! I've got a lot of time for the W7 polishes I think they are really good and so many colours. :-D

  2. It's certainly different to usual polishes colourwise and the finish of it! I've never tried W7, maybe I will in the future...