Friday, 11 July 2014

Stargazer - Bonus Part 4!

When Wimbledon was on, Stargazer ran a competition on twitter to win their Strawberry scented nail polish remover and I won!!

I was so buzzing, I never win! So here it is - 

It smells so good! Don't smell it before you use it, because it smells just like normal nail polish remover and we all know that that just burns! However, once used, your nail actually smells like Strawberry jam. So sweet and yummy, it was all I could to not stick my finger in my mouth :-)

And it works awesome too, which is always a plus!

Check out Nail Polish remover at, there are 6 different scents and they're only £2 for 120ml. And if you buy remover as often as I do, that is like music to the ears!

You can follow Stargazer on twitter - @stargazerbeauty
And me too, if you wanna - @WellNailed

Have an awesome weekend!

WN x


  1. Hehe strawberry scented! How odd!

    1. I know, they do Spice, Peppermint, Orange, Mango and Lime too! It's miles better than the usual chemical scent though :-)