Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Models Own 'Kitchen Sink' Manicure!

Happy Wednesday polish peeps!!

I've been a bit stuck for ideas recently so I thought doing a bit of everything might help the creative juices to flow. So I picked out a few Models Own polishes and had a go and a few designs :)

Today's 'kitchen sink' mani uses:

Bora Bora (gold, fine glitter) and Hedonist (bright red) - both from the Hed Kandi Collection;
Banana Split (pastel yellow) - Fruit Pastel Collection;
Emerald City (green glitter) - Glitter Collection;
and Jack Frost (flakie) - Wonderland Collection.

I think my favourite is the polka dots, I like the combintaion of layering the gold over the yellow. I also had fun trying out the 'ruffian' look (index finger), which I actually found much easier than anticipated! 

All Models Own polishes are £4.99 each available at

WN x


  1. This looks really cool! I do like it :-)

    1. Thanks, I've started to try use more polishes I already own in stead of buying all of them all the time....!