Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Neon Sponged Nail Art!

Did anyone else completely forget that It's Wednesday today? Not that I'm complaining about having Monday off... but it puts me off! 

Anyway, today I have a bit of fun nail art (sort of) to share with you today. I've been feeling neons quite a lot recently so I thought why not put them all on my nails. Granted, they're more brights than neons, but I still enjoy them :-)

For this mani I used Illamasqua Rare (yellow) and Gamma (orange), Models Own Toxic Apple (green), Nails Inc Hertford Street (pink) and tipped them off with Barry M Black Nail Art Pen. 

To create the look, I sponged on each colour individually with a section of make-up sponge that I held in tweezers to make it easier to grip. 

When I had all four colours on the nail, I went back over the edges, mixing the colours to try and make the colours fade into each other more smoothly.

I finished off the look with the black tips and a top coat. This one is from I really like this one, however it takes the standard amount of drying time, but if you've got time, it's great! To be honest I mostly use it for blogging :-)

I added Models Own Jack Frost to my pinkie, but  decided I didn't like it so I didn't put it on any other nails!

Hope you're all having a great week :-)

WN x


  1. Wow these are amazing!

  2. This looks really good and so funky! I love the neon look. Totally in love with Rare :-D

    1. Me too, it's so sad they discontinued it! :(