Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Orly - Sparkle Mini's

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday. I hope your weeks are all going well so far. 

Today I'm going back in time to Christmas time! I did buy this Orly Sparkle Mini set before Christmas, but I never got round to swatching. But I thought, seeing as though you can still get hold of these polishes I would share them!

Released for the holidays 2014, the Orly Sparkle Mini's include four of the six polishes from the collection, all in diddy 5.3 ml sized bottles.

From L-R, Bling; Tinsel; Mirrorball and Glitterbomb.

First up is Bling. A warm gold glitter. I really like the warmer tone of the golden base. This swatch is of two coats - 

Next comes Tinsel. Not my favourite of the bunch I have to say. I'm not sure about the bar glitter, I think it's a bit too big and sort of takes over the nail. This swatch is if one coat layered over Barry M Black - 

Third is Mirrorball and my favourite of the bunch. A holo silver glitter, but with larger glitter particles thrown in there as well :) Love this one! This is two coats - 

And finally it's Glitterbomb. I really enjoy this one, it's just a lot of fun! And the small pink particles give a extra something to just a plain old glitter polish. This swatch is just one coat, again over Barry M Black - 

I do like buying these mini sets, as I think it's a great way to try out brands / collections, and if you're like me and have 54216806 nail polishes, you're not likely to finish full size bottles of anything anyway! However, I think if I didn't want to try the collection for the blog, I would probably have just bought the full size Mirrorball. I still might!

The Orly Sparkle Mini set is £14.95 and I got mine from Nailpolishdirect.co.uk.


I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you on Friday :)

WN x

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