Sunday, 25 January 2015

Zoya - Yuna + Mosheen

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I'm back after making my schoolboy memory card mix up error......

Today I have two colours to swatch from the lovely Zoya. Before these two pretties, I only owned one other shade called Holly ;) You can't find Zoya in lots of places over here, but you just have to know where to look. Or just go on Amazon! I'm excited to grow my collection. Because, obviously I need all of the them and I don't own enough nail polish already.

The first colour is called Yuna. Released as part of the Ignite collection for Fall 2014, she is a lovely soft grey with golden / bronze metallic flecks. Nice and opaque in two coats, though I did think twice about using just the one -

Next comes Mosheen, from the Zenith Holiday 2013 collection. This one is an icy blue glitter topper, however when it's layered onto the nail the colours become more aqua in tone. Reminds me of the sea this one! The swatch is one coat of Mosheen over the standard Barry M Black - 

I can't decide which one I prefer... I think I'd be more likely to wear Yuna. But then I don't need to pick a favourite, that's why we have 10 fingers! ;)

This is why I wish Zoya was more readily available here. On, polishes re $9, however in the UK they retail around £10.50. Boo. However, I purchased mine from, where they are currently £8.95 (though there a couple for £7.95 as well). And they deliver FREE in the UK :)

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

See you Tuesday,

WN x

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