Tuesday, 10 March 2015

ModelsOwn Blue HyperGel Layered Ruffian Mani!

Sometime's when I can't think of a witty name for a mani, I just describe what it is, saves me having to write an intro at least!! 

A little while ago, at the same time I purchased some of the new Colour Chromes by Models Own I also bought three of their HyperGel polishes, all shades of blue, which was a happy accident I suppose :) So I thought they's be perfect to have a bit of a play around with.

I went on a bit of a ruffian kick last summer, and I decided to bring it back with these HyperGels as the technique is an easy way to showcase different colours. And because I had three shades of one colour, I decided to layer them up to show them all of at once!

The colours are L-R; Cornflower Gleam; Blue Glint and Inky Blue - 

Models Own HyperGel nail polishes are £4.99 each available at  Modelsownit.com.

And just a little info on these, if you haven't tried them yet! Don't be fooled into thinking the formula is any more opaque than a regular nail polish, they still require two shades (if not three, the Cornflower Gleam shade is still a little patchy after two). However they do have a super shiny finish as they claim, but to be honest, this can be achieved anyway with a decent top coat.

Still, the colours are gorgeous, and I'd pay the £4.99 all day!

I hope you're all having a great week so far!

WN x

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