Sunday, 10 May 2015

Barry M Gelly Vinyl Nail Art!

That's right, I've finally jumped on the vinyl train!

It does feel like I'm so far behind when it comes to using vinyls, though I actually purchased these way back at the beginning of January. I had a play with them when I first got them, and it was just a disaster! I think I was too impatient. But once I got my head round it, I am officially in love :)

For today's nails I used all Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes (swatches), the base colour is Coconut; the blue is Papaya and the coral, Papaya.

To create this look, first apply your base, at the moment I like the BeautyBay the Collection 5 in 1 Nail Treatment.

Then apply your base colour and add a fast drying top coat. (I'm using up my SV, I've fallen out with it but can't throw it away!)

When your polish is COMPLETELY dry (yes it has to be totally dry or the vinyles will pull up your base colour) add your vinyls. Before I stuck them to the nail, I stuck them to the back of my hand to make them less sticky. I know that sounds weird, but my thinking was that this would help prevent them lifting the base colour! I think it worked anyway!

Add your colours and wait for them to dry just a little bit, you want to remove your vinyls whilst the polish is still slightly wet.

Finish with top coat :)

Like I said, now I've got the hang of the technique (I've had another couple of goes since this mani) I think I will be using them a LOT. I think the effect looks so great but requires minimal effort. My favourite combination ;)

The vinyls I used ar from Etsy shop Vibrant Vinyls, and you can get a sheet of three different sizes for £8.81.

I hope you're all having a great weekend and will be stopping by on Tuesday for more!

WN x

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