Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Chanel Autmn / Winter 2015 - Collection Les Automnales

I am finally back and with an Autumn collection! 

Today I have swatches of all three new Le Vernis from the Chanel Collection Les Automnales to share :) So lets get started...

First up is #669 Chataigne. Chataigne (or Chestnut in English) is exactly what it's called, a rich chestnut brown! This polish has a creme finish and needs two coats - 

Second is #671 Ecorce Sanguine. This polish is a deep, blood red with a very fine gold shimmer running through. The shimmer is not visible once the polish is applied however it does give that shiny finish finish that you will find often through the Chanel collection. This is a one coater :) 

Close up with flash to show the shimmer - 

And finally, #679 Vert Obscur. Another one that is exactly what it's name is, a dark green! The formula on this polish is a strange one. The first coat is very thin and almost jelly like, but it is the most beautiful emerald green shade! (Chanel, please make a polish that colour!! Because you know they are reading this....!)
However once you add the second coat, the deepest, darkest, inkiest green shade is revealed. Gorgeous.

The formulas of this collection are fabulous, as they always are with Chanel. The collection is inspired by the warm yet muted colours of the Autumnal palette, and I think they've got it bang on with these three.

My favourite is definitely Vert Obscur, I just love the depth of the shade of green. It feels like it goes on forever.

Each Le Vernis is £18 and I purchased mine from Debenhams.com.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far, and thank you for reading :)

WN x

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