Friday, 11 September 2015

Zoya Focus & Flair

Happy Friday polish people! I am on holiday at the moment and have, for the first time ever, created a scheduled post so I'm not absent for too long. I have never set a blog up to post on it's own before so fingers crossed it worked....

Today I have swatches of one of each of the Zoya Focus & Flair collections for Fall 2015. The Focus side contains 6 lovely creme polishes and the Flair six-some is all jewel toned metallics. Unsurprisingly, I purchased the blue shade from each! 

From Focus, I chose Sia a royal blue creme - 

The formula on Sia is lovely. She is super pigmented and glides on like a dream. I'm wearing two coats in the swatches. This one, as most blues do, does stain the skin slightly upon removal. Though I did only wear it to swatch so I can't really comment!

And from Flair I picked Estelle, a metallic deep blue - 

Again, the formula is great. One coats does nothing, but the second makes this polish a solid sea of multi-tonal blues tones. I really enjoyed wearing this polish :) I couldn't stop staring at that turquoise shift!

It's tough but I think Estelle is my favourite. But they're both so gorgeous, I just know I'll be purchasing more from the collection!

Zoya Focus & Flair collection are available at for £8.95 each.

Have a fabulous weekend, and thank you for reading :)

WN x

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