Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Follow Up : Boots - '17' Nail Bar In A Bag

So there was a couple of points I thought I should share after taking off the last look, in preparation for tomorrows blog...

- First the red colour, 'Knockout Red', has stained my nails even through the two base coats! It's really not too bad, but I know it can be a bit annoying especially if your planning on going for a pale colour next.

- Also the heart stickers are a right pain in the bum to get off!! Again it really isn't that big a deal, (and it's also quite a compliment to '17', as you don't have to worry about them just falling off) but just be careful as you kind of have to pick them off, and if you go at it too hard you could damage your nails. Eeek.


WN x

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