Monday, 1 August 2011

Get Foiled : Snake Skin

Another fabulous purchase from I got some foil with a fabulous snake print on, and according August fash mags, snake print is gonna be big this A/W.
Again another first! Here's how they turned out - 

Shiny! So along with the foils you'll need some foil adhesive too, which I also got from sparkly-nails - 

They were £4.85 all together. And considering that the adhesive will last me for a long long time, probably a bargain.

- So first off I used one basecoat as I wasn't using any colour, so my nails weren't likely to stain
- Then I applied a thin coat of the nail adhesive and waited a few minutes for it to go tacky - 

- Then, I cut off a section of foil and gently laid it on top of my nail - 

- Next I just rubbed over the foil with a cotton bud, being careful not to crease the foil.
- Top coat to finish.

The great thing about these foils is that if they don't quite cover right, you can just re-lay the foil on the nail, rub it again with the cotton bud and you can  patch the nail up easy peasy.

I think foils give a really nice effect, and even though it my first go, I found them quite easy to do! Ofcourse there is an infinite range of colours and patterns available. And they're good fun too :)

Stay shiny! 

WN x

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