Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Great British Summer

Obviously, the weather inspired me to do this look - 

This look has a fair few steps but is relatively easy to do.

Colours -
- BarryM 295 Turquoise
- BarryM 134 Yellow
- 17 Nail Tip Whitener

You will also need an old cosmetic sponge to do the clouds!

- So, first off, two basecoats.
- Then, two coats of the Turquoise.
- Spray of quick dry.
- Next, use the sponge to dab on two coats of the white to make the cloud effect - 

- Using one of the nail art brushes, I painted the yellow on my ring finger to look like the sun!

- Dab a small amount of clear varnish where the rhinestone is going.
- Stick on the stone using an orangewood stick.
- Top coat to finish.

I really enjoyed doing this look, and I think it's nice and, well, summery....

See you guys soon!

WN x

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