Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Christian Louboutin - Lady Twist

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you're all having a great week so far :-)

We're carrying on with a theme today..... Expensive nail polishes that I wouldn't buy for myself that I got for Christmas!

Today, I feel really lucky to be able to bring you a swatch of the beautiful Lady Twist by Christian Louboutin.  I've been coveting one, (any!) of these polishes since they launched last summer, but like Sundays Tom Ford colour, I just couldn't bring  myself to part with that much cash for one nail polish.

That's where my boyfriend came in ;-)

I was so torn. Do I go for the classic 'Rouge Louboutin'? But I decided, as I'm not a big red person, that I'd go for a colour that I was likely to actually wear. Christian Louboutin nail colours are split into three groups of 10 colours, The Pops, The Nudes and The Noirs.

The colour I chose is a Noir shade called Lady Twist - 

As you can see, this cap is giant! It is meant to measure 20.5cm, the same as the famous Louboutin Ballerina Ultima shoes. Though I haven't personally measured it, I'm taking Vogue's word for it! The Noirs all have the gunmetal finish, where The Pops have silver and The Nudes, rose gold. 

According to Christianlouboutin.com, the cap design is inspired by calligraphy which turns the application into a luxurious experience, inviting women to take their time. Which is all very nice in theory, and if you have the time I'm sure it's lovely!

Onto the swatch, which is just one coat of colour, with top coat - 

I think the formula would work well in either one thicker coat, or two thin coats. Here, I used just the one 'normal' coat, and the finish is somewhere inbetween opaque and streaky I think. 

Personally I would actually prefer to do two coats because I have to admit holding the cap is a really nice experience! It's comfortable in the hand, and it does feel like holding a pen, if not quite as slim. 

Another little detail I noticed was the red inside the cap - 

I just thought it was an interesting detail to include in the post!

I'm having a lot of the same feelings towards Lady Twist as I did towards Tom Ford's Indian Pink. The colour isn't unique. Yes the formula is good, but it's not too much to expect that for the price of the thing! I don't mind paying a bit extra for luxury, but like Tome Ford is £8 more expensive than Chanel, Christian Louboutin colours are DOUBLE the price of one bottle of Chanel.

However, I feel like I actaully am more likely to buy more Christian Louboutin (or ask for it as a gift!) because of the difference in the packaging and presentation of the product itself. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the whole set up of the nail polishes and it just makes me feel like I'm getting more for my money.

Then again, the colours aren't anything new so it's unlikely I will be splurging in the near future! 

Christian Louboutin nail colours are £36 each. Mine was purchased for me from Selfridges.com, and you can check out the full range at Christianlouboutin.com.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I will see you all Friday!

WN x

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